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Generator Hackow Bracelet Stars


The movie, Generator Hack Brawl, which was directed by Greg Garcia and starring Lucas Neff and Jennifer Aniston, is an interesting look at a generator in the hands of a desperate person. The movie begins in a small rural town where a mother (Aniston) tries to fix up her home after her husband moves away. To her horror she discovers that her generator is not working correctly and she cannot fix it on her own. With the help of her friend, Rocky (needy), she sets out on a journey trying to fix the generator while battling bad electrical company employees.

In many scenes the electricity is out, but they are able to get electricity to work again by using the generator. The two friends set out on a wild goose chase to fix the generator only to run into the local electrician who shows up and proves to be more incompetent than helpful. The electrician then attacks them forcing Rocky and Jennifer Aniston to fight him off. The two fight for a bit until Rocky throws an oil drum over the electrician's head and sends him into a pit, breaking his arm. The two then have to use their generator to power the town's lights.

Eventually they run out of electricity and have to use a generator in order to keep their home on the ground. This generator is used to power some of the most bizarre machines such as a giant walking tank with four workers inside, a fire extinguisher with two heads and so on and so forth. It takes the help of the local police station clerk (Brett Gelman) to put a stop to their mischievous plan before they blow up the local dam.For more details make sure you visit

Although the movie is very entertaining, it does take a little bit of work to set up your generator in the right place and get all the wires in the right places. There are a lot of little details that are glossed over, leaving the viewer trying to figure out how everything works. However, once you get past the technical stuff the movie will fly by. The fights, which are both awesome, will leave you wanting more.

Another great thing about the movie is how it is able to combine the practical with the ridiculous. The generator plot is just one of the many things that will make you laugh. Watching the generator get knocked around by Rocky and his friends is great, but it is only when they are fighting against the electricity that you realize just how silly it really is. Some of the other things that happen are even more ridiculous, like the waiter in the local diner who thinks he can get some acid for free. The characters in the movie are really funny, which is why this movie is so enjoyable.

You don't need any knowledge of how electricity works in order to enjoy this movie; it is a simple fun movie that anyone can enjoy. The graphics are pretty basic, but I don't think anyone would be able to complain about that aspect. The music fits the story well, with an 80s style instrumental that will get you in the mood to watch this movie.

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